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Personal Growth – 2014-10-20 Update

Lately I’ve been doing a lot more self-reflection and self-meditation.  Sometimes I do it by playing music and lying back and closing my eyes, while other times it’s a walk out for a while just talking to myself.  I feel that it’s been a big help to my stress level because I’ve been able to organize things better.  If I can verbally say what I have to do and when I have to do it then I have a better grasp of my assignments for school.

The big thing is the effect it’s had on my feelings.  I’m able to calmly talk to myself and reflect on my feelings, and think about how I really feel about something.  Like, I can reflect on what I felt about something specific.  I’ll think about what I felt at the time of the incident and how I would analyze it now.  I can really control my emotions like this.  I can control recurring negative feelings by recognizing what causes them and how I can alter my reaction to change how I feel about things.  Considering how this past month has gone, this is really needed.

But I wanted to say it on here.  A few days ago I made a post about how Tumblr ended up being where most of my emotions went.  And I acknowledged that it wasn’t really the best way, but it was what I had.  I also said that usually what I posted here was raw emotion without any reflection or thought, and that was true.  But I want to talk about how I’ve been getting better.  I’m not “fixed”, as it were, because I have only been meditating for a little over a week now.  But I think I’m getting closer to the solution. To where I need to be.

This past month has held a lot of things I regret, but it’s been a month of growth.  I have to remind myself that.  Growth comes from adversity and it’s been a pretty rough month.  But it’s almost spring.

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Alan Watts: Self-Improvement

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Self Development – 2014-09-21 Update #2

Remember to take some time out of your busy schedule and smile!

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Self Development – 2014-09-21Update

Do you want to be successful? If yes, then do you know your keys to success? My latest blog post has the analysis of the success quotes of successful people to come up with a recipe of success.

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(via 11 Keys to Success From The Quotes of Successful People)

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The Thieves of Personal Development

Absolutely nothing is worse compared to having a dream for yourself and life is obstructing you from it. The unfortunate reality is those barriers to your desires are generally self-created. Personal development is blocked by 4 main thieves operating on a daily basis within your life.

- Attitude
- Motivation
- Habits
- Time

Everything you do is a choice. No matter what your choice is, it is followed by an outcome. On one more degree, you could possibly call it taking personal responsibility for yourself. If your life isn’­t going in the direction you wish, then maybe it is time to look into these four areas in a self-evaluation.


Accomplishing great things in your life is difficult if your thoughts and feelings and also words contrast it. When you wake in the early morning are you delighted to have a brand-new day? Has your mind closed down to the potential every day brings? Doing an attitude self-check is vital in personal development. Without maintenance on our attitude daily, it is near impossible to open up for the opportunities which bring desires closer to life. If you take a good look around you, you will certainly see people locked in on autopilot, caught up in stoic repetition. An indifferent attitude is almost much worse compared to a bad attitude. As you grow older, it ends up being a lot more required to feed your mind, clean your belief systems as well as do day-to-day maintenance checks on your attitude. Being unaware of bad thoughts is a poor excuse for not having the ability to reach out for your desires. Attitude responsibility is reaching out for sources as well as self-help tools deliberately. By refraining so, this thief definitely will swipe your joy of self-discovery.


Basically, motivation is having an “iron will”. If you do not mean to do anything, you won’­t. You could dance around ideas of doing something while hanging in your sofa, but up until you take action on your will, it is simply fluff. The hard truth is you are the largest poser in your own life if you have no motivation to achieve a desired dream or goal. No one said finding motivation would easy. Each individual has or has had troubles with motivation. It is the number one obstacle in personal development. There will always be a little voice inside you informing you to get motivated later. Till you make up your mind to exercise your will, motivation will elude you, keeping it thief number two in personal development.


Habits keep you in your comfort zone. Habits provide security. They feel safe, whether they are good or bad habits. They can additionally keep you from going on right into new as well as uncharted locations of development. Which habits do you possess? Are they a part of your problem or part of your solution? Occasionally inadequate habits become so instilled into who you are, you don’­t even notice how they steal your desires. Creating new habits that are in sync with your goals, is the trick to personal improvement. You have to take actions which supports the outcomes you want. The factor they are called habits is considering that you do them again and again and again. To keep this thief from stealing your life, you have to find means to remove unsuccessful habits.time thief


The word speaks for itself. It is a global container for holding all our life significance. Finding time, inadequate time and be out of time can for each and every person last a lifetime. This is something for you to chew on: at the end of your life, how will you have specified your quest in relation to time? Did you make time help you or did you do time? Each moment belongs exclusively to you, to your selections and to your dreams. Respect the value of each minute life provides you for all important things .

“The Human Ego” – Live Self-Development Coaching To Grow Your Unique Life

Exploring the human ego to create a shift in consciousness. BOOM!

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